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Elevating The Look of Many Commercial & Personal Spaces With Our Bath Rugs & Area Rugs!

We, Malhotra Industries, identifies as a tight knit family of creative and talented designers, artisans as well as many other professionals, all of whom focus on revolutionizing the Indian rugs industry. For centuries, India has carried forward a rich history of creating as well as using rugs. To continue this well cherished tradition, without shying away from modernism, our company is determined to design and deliver a beguiling selection of trendy Area Rugs & Bath Rugs. These are vibrant, beautifully designed and absolutely skin friendly. The offered variety of rugs have also become a famous option in the competitive market because of its soft texture.
About Us
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Design Team

Our in-house talented team of designers is focused on experimenting with new yarn techniques, colors as well as designs. They work with great efficiency to present an innovative collection to clients.

Manufacturing Plant

Our manufacturing plant is utilizing an area of 50,000 square feet. At the premises, we take care of all the production activities, in compliance to the international standards of quality. Here, we transform our creative ideas into actual products using top class machines & equipment.

Health And Safety

Our enterprise realizes that the safety of our employees is essential. This is the reason; we have set up many safety measures and tools at our infrastructure. Our company has maintained sufficient emergency exits at the premises, with adequate exit markings.
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We have been working in the field of dyeing process, since 1989. Owing to this, we are well educated in the field and are capable of giving strikingly beautiful colors to our collection. In the year 2017, our enterprise started exporting our remarkable gamut of Washable Anti-Bacterial Organic Cotton Bath Rugs, Antimicrobial Washable Cotton Area Rugs, Cushions, Throws, etc. Since then, we have carved a niche for ourselves in many foreign markets. Further, we are renowned to be a reliable provider of Oekotex certified, sustainable, azo-free, non-toxic, and cotton based products. Working with this passion and determination, we are focusing on emerging as an industry leading manufacturer and exporter

Our Ethos

On the substratum of values, our company has built our organization. With compassion and humility, we work in the competitive rugs industry. Mixing all this with our unwavering passion and creativity, we have met the varied demands of our globally spread clientele, in past years. Regularly, we turn our passion and creativity into a beguiling variety of
Antimicrobial Organic Washable Cotton Bathmats, Area Rugs, Cushions, Bedspread, etc. The collection is luxurious and compact, perfect for a huge variety of spaces. 

Design Team

Adhering to latest home decor trends, our designers present the best. 

Manufacturing Plant

Currently, our enterprise is equipped with best in class:  

  • Tufting Machines
  • Interlocking Machines
  • Piping Machines
  • Stitching Machines
  • Dyeing, Washing and Processing Plant
  • Screen Printing Setup, etc.

Health And Safety

The aisles markings on the floors are also assured. The facility is equipped with quality fire extinguishers, first-aid boxes and emergency lights in each department. We train our employees through fire drills to prepare them for emergencies. 


In the home furnishing industry, our skills and passion towards the work is appreciated. To create a positive image in the market, we have been overseeing several processes, in an impressive manner. Relying on innovative techniques, machines and ideas, our company has been bringing forth the best. In an ethically transparent manner and in a sustainable manner, we carry out all of our processes, including: 

  • Yarn Dyeing
  • Paddle Dyeing
  • Jigger Dyeing
  • Hot Table Printing
  • Foil Printing
  • Enzyme Wash
  • Drum Washing
  • Yarn Drying
  • Chamber Drying
  • Tumbling
  • Curing
  • Roller Press
  • Machine Tufting
  • Hand Tufting
  • Crochet
  • Embroidery
  • Stitching
  • Embossing
  • Inspection

Our Story 

In 1988, our company had entered the market as a dyeing & processing expert in textile industry. Under the leadership of our founder, Mr. Shiv Malhotra, we had embarked upon the journey with our first textile dyeing and processing unit in Panipat (Sai Textile Processing), back in 1992. In the year 2000, our company steered our company into a new direction. Working in an innovative and resourceful manner, we started processing to restore the high quality of our materials. In 2005, Organization expanded, we introduced a new dyeing and processing unit- Shiva Textile. In 2011, we realized the importance of our environment and started making changes to our environmentally friendly changes to our process to become a sustainable brand. In 2017, our business concern expanded by setting up a textile manufacturing and processing unit named, Malhotra Industries. Under this name, we did not just provide a quality and creatively designed range but also fulfilled all the corporate social responsibilities. The company is working under the leadership of Mr. Dhruv Malhotra. In 2019, our enterprise expanded further by venturing into the field of exporting. 

We Care

As an environmentally conscious concern, our company identified in the market. We do not just claim to be one, we put in great efforts to positively impact mother nature at every step of the way. Preservation of our environment has been a high priority for our concern. This is the reason; we have been taking great initiatives to improve, sustain and conserve the natural environment while manufacturing a superior collection of Washable Cotton Bath Rugs, Anti-Bacterial Organic Cotton Area Rugs, Pillow Covers, etc.

Currently, our company has taken the following steps to care for our environment:

  • Certified LED lights and heat resistant glass windows are installed at our facilities  
  • Relying on energy efficient machines and conserving electricity while working 
  • Effluent treatment plants are used to treat the water used during the dyeing and washing process, prior to its discharge from the facility. Sometimes, the water is also utilized in construction activities. 
  • Water drained from RO filters is connected to cistern tanks of toilet 
  • Re-use of water procured from washing process is transferred to a special storage steel tank, it is later utilized for various processes. 
  • Planted trees to maintain a good ecological balance 
  • Recycle textile waste to prevent wastage 
  • Make use of LPG/PNG gas fired burners as well as boilers to minimize air pollution. Also, monitor noise pollution while working
  • Make sure to use only certified, non-toxic, azo-free chemicals and dyes during the processing of our range
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